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Toskani Vitamin Burst Peel Off Mask

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The Toskani peel off masks are a party for your skin! This mask has decongestant and calming effects. It helps to regain the healthy glow on the skin thanks to its revitalizing components. The richness of Vitamin C helps to fight free radical reactions and promotes collagen synthesis. Thanks to its strong antioxidant action, it reduces damage caused by external attacks such as bad weather and pollution, thus preserving the health of the skin.The mask is easy to use, feels great and gives a moment of pampering and relaxation. And then it also has a wonderful effect on the skin!

Skin type

Suitable for every skin type


You make the mask with a little water. The mask is suitable for applying over eyes and mouth. After applying, let the mask sit for 10 minutes. The mask will dry to a rubber-like structure that you can remove from your skin after 10 minutes.


Make it a complete treatment by treating your skin in advance with the Toskani dermaroller or the mini pumpkin mask or the Tebsikin Gly C ampoules.

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Sodium ascorbate

30 grams

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