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TKN Dermaroller

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The TKN Dermaroller contains very fine stainless steel needles, which amount and length varies between the different models available.

During use you make small channels in the skin, this is painless and without bleeding. The controlled damage initiates a natural repair process deep in the skin. Collagen and elastin are produced during the recovery process.

This home treatment is very effective and gives your skin an intensive boost. In a short time you improve and strengthen your skin!

Skin type
A treatment with the Dermaroller is suitable for all skin types, even thin skin. Your skin becomes stronger, more resilient, better in color and tighter with a fresh, youthful appearance.

Do not use the Dermaroller with active acne, eczema or inflamed skin.
Regular use of the Dermaroller provides skin improvement for various indications:

  • Fine lines and sagging skin 
  • Scars and stretch marks
  • Coarse pores 
  • Gray and dull skin 
  • Pigment spots


  • Make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and wash your hands thoroughly. Check out our range of cleansing products for the most shocking cleanser for your skin. 
  • Apply a high-quality serum such as one of the Toskani ampoules. Never use any other products without advice from the skin therapists at KAN Skin Clinic. (to prevent harmful substances such as perfume or parabens from penetrating the skin!).
  • Roll the Dermaroller over the skin in 4 directions, without applying too much pressure. (description is included with your purchase).
  • The treatment is painless, a slight tingling can be experienced at the beginning, the micro-channels close after a few minutes.
  • Apply a good moisturizing cream (Tebiskin Hyal) after the treatment. 


  • Only use 1 roller per person, never lend your roller
  • If you have dropped the roller or if it has come into contact with hard surfaces, you can no longer use the roller. You should replace the roller to avoid penetrating the skin with damaged needles.
  • When you purchase the roller you will receive a detailed user instruction.
  • Provided the roller is properly cleaned and the recommended hygiene measures are applied, you can use the home roller for 6-8 months.
  • Always use a cream with SPF protection, even on less sunny days!

A dermaroller treatment is very suitable for keeping your skin in optimal condition at home or during your holiday. It ties in nicely with the skin-improving treatments that we offer in the clinic.

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