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Tebiskin Gly C Serum

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The Tebiskin Gly-C serum contains an innovative formula that combines exfoliating properties with antioxidants. AHA and Vitamin C are enhanced by ectoin, which provides a protective and calming effect. Tebiskin Gly-C is a concentrated serum that lightens the skin and is gladly used to prepare and support various treatments in our clinic.

Skin Type / Indications
Anti-age, acne, pigment.

Clean the skin with Tebiskin Gly-Clean or Tebiskin Sooth-Clean
2. Tighten the white cap first to mix the powder and liquid. Shake well! Then you can take the cap off and put the clear pipette on it. The serum is now ready for use. Apply a small amount to the skin, avoiding contact with the eyes. The activated serum can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.
3. Apply a nourishing cream.

The use of the Gly-C serum can be built up to 2x a day, always apply a day cream with UV.

4x 5ml

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