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Toskani Body Soothing Peeling

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The Soothing Body Peel is a natural peeling that tackles your skin in two ways: renews the top layers of the skin and brings your skin to rest! This body peel contains the powerful 5-NAF Complex. This is an innovative complex formulated with natural acids such as glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid. These acids have a powerful exfoliating effect. In addition, this complex contains proteins, vitamins and minerals. This leads to an acceleration of cell renewal by up to 34%. The soothing effects ensure a hydrated and elastic skin and reduce irritation.



It is an easy product. You spray a generous amount on the skin and massage it firmly into the skin for 2-4 minutes. The peeling does not have to be removed. You can use the body peel every other day before using the body gel.

The first double-acting body peel has an exfoliating and soothing effect.

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