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Tebiskin Cera Boost Face Cream

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Highly recommended for dry skin is the Tebiskin CERA-BOOST. This rich face cream is loved for its long-lasting hydration, nourishment and strengthening of your skin barrier. The CERA-BOOST not only ensures a softer and firmer skin, but is also suitable for the somewhat drier acne skin thanks to soothing ingredients.

Skin type
Dry skin, dehydrated skin, irritated skin, dry acne skin, flaky skin.

Divide the cream over your face twice a day and massage gently. The cream is particularly well absorbed and does not leave a sticky film.

This cream is a must-have for all skin types in autumn / winter.

50 ml

This product is fragrance and colorant free, contains no animal ingredients and comes in an airless packaging system.

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