LPG Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream

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LPG Glowing Resurfacing Body Cream is a soft, pink-colored emulsion. Active ingredients are the 2% LPG® Exclusive Anti-aging Complex + 5% A.H.A. This combination of ingredients provides the soft and "new skin" effect. The cream strengthens body contours and is used to reduce and prevent stiae.

Skin type / Indication
Firming, whole body and / or locally for stretch marks, for example

Apply morning and evening to the entire body with extra focus on stretch marks. When treated in the clinic; apply the product before treatment.

Can be combined well with other (LPG) body products. Always use the glowing resurfacing body cream first because of its peeling properties. This ensures that the cream / gel that you apply afterwards can penetrate deeper.

150 ml

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