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LPG 14 day Express Organic Slimming Tea

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The BIO DETOX SLIMMING TEA EXPRESS 14D LPG® contains a sublime composition of plants, fruit and organic vegetables, known for their slimming effect and soft subtle taste. Carefully selected BIO ingredients from all over the world, for optimal effect of the tea.

Main operation

  • Weight loss
  • Energy
  • Fat Burning
  • Eliminate moisture
  • Digestion
  • Flat belly

All ingredients come from organic farming with Biolabel!

Green tea: 16%
Fennel: 14%
Coin: 11%
Peppermint: 10%
Ginger: 8%
Nettle: 7%
Cinnamon: 5%
Guarana: 5%
Lemon: 15%

28 tea bags for a 14-day program.

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