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EQ Vitamin K2 + D3

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Radiant skin from within!

Vitamin D3 is produced in the skin by blood levels from sunlight and is therefore not a "real" vitamin. The disadvantage of intensive and long-term blood counts from our skin to the sun is an increased risk of skin cancer, premature aging of the skin.
This makes supplementation a good option for maintaining vitamin D3 levels.


  • Normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus
  • Maintain and normal bone health
  • Maintain normal teeth
  • Maintenance of normal muscle functions
  • Normal function of the immune system
  • Plays a role in cell division

Vitamin K2 contributes significantly to the development of bone structures during the growth of the body, the maintenance of strong bones during normal life and the reduction of the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, there is evidence that regular intake of vitamin K2 helps to keep the blood vessels flexible, with the positive consequence a reduced risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

1 capsule daily
-> Consult your doctor first if you are using oral blood thinners, are pregnant or if you plan to administer the product to children under 1 year of age.
-> Food supplements are no substitute for a healthy and balanced diet.

To measure = to know:
With the help of a simple self-test you will quickly find out what the serum concentration of vitamin K2 and your level of vitamin D3 in your blood is.
The “concentration figure” gives you an indication of the relative risk of cardiovascular disease and / or soft bones.

Subscription price
Contact the skin therapists of KAN Skin Clinic and ask about the possibilities to receive a test and take out a subscription with Eqology. The purchase of a subscription provides an interesting discount.

30 capsules

Vitamin K2 200 ug
Vitamin D3 40 ug 200% of the reference intake

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