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EQ Anti Age Collagen

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Radiant skin from within!
Collagen is the protein that underlies the basic skin support. Collagen provides the skin with firmness and elasticity and as a unique property it retains moisture in the skin. EQ Anti Age Collagen is a unique combination of peptides, amino acids and vitamins. With the addition of matcha green tea and sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides).

The low molecular weight makes EQ Anti Age Collagen distinctive, making it easier for our body to absorb this special protein. Use 1 sachet daily is recommended. You can mix the collagen in tea / coffee, soup, yogurt ect.
-> Food supplements are no substitute for a healthy and balanced diet.

Contact the skin therapists of KAN Skin Clinic and ask about the possibilities to take out a subscription with Eqology. The purchase of a subscription provides an interesting discount.

Allergy warning!
The product contains proteins from fish and shellfish Clinical research has shown that a collagen supplement: stimulates the production of collagen by the skin, makes wrinkles shallower within 8 weeks, ensures less dry skin.

Suitable for men and women.

30 bags x 4.74 grams Ingredients
Fish collagen 4500 mg
Mascha green tea 100 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg 63%
Sea buckthorn 25 mg
Vitamin B3 16 mg
Vitamin B5 3.5 mg 58%

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