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Meditopics AHA Glycolic Acid Gel 5%

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Meditopics - AHA Glycolic Acid Gel 5%

Chemical peeling in gel form (pH 3.6) for light and sensitive skin types.
Combination purchase recommended Meditopics zinc sulphate or Meditopics Skin cleanser pH 3.5 based on lactic acid.

Always use a sunscreen with a high degree of protection while using AHA gel 5% (and 10%), eg Tebiskin Sooth SPF 50 or Tebiskin Osk UV. 

Additional product information
Chemical peeling for reducing follicular hyperkeratoses, ichtyoses and other hyperkeratoses. Can also be used in the initial phase of the (medical peeling) treatment, but also as post-peeling maintenance.

Glycolic acid weakens the cohesion between the corneocytes and stimulates the new formation of collagen fibers by the fibroblasts. These properties accelerate the exfoliation of the stratum corneum and increase the tone of the supporting tissue. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of a superficial peel mainly depends on the repetition of this action.

The alpha-hydroxy acids (A.H.A.), to which glycolic acid belongs, are a family of vegetable acids (lactic, tartaric, malic and grapesic acids) that have extraordinary dermatological properties. Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule of all AHAs, so it penetrates the skin the best and is therefore more effective than the other acids.


  • Apply to facial skin in the morning and evening after it has been thoroughly cleansed. Massage the gel lightly into the skin, let it work and wait 2 minutes before applying any other products.
  • In the morning, take care of the skin with a moisturizing cream, preferably also containing vitamin E, such as Meditopics After-treatment Cream. You can apply a regulating cream in the morning after the AHA gel on melanin-containing pigment spots.

Avoid any contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. If these do come into contact with the product, rinse abundantly with water.

If the AHA gel 10% causes irritation or too much dehydration, switch to the AHA gel 5% or limit yourself to one application per day, namely in the evening.
The preparatory treatment for the medical peel must be applied for at least 15 days. If a microdermabrasion has been performed, 4 or 5 days of treatment with the AHA Gel (5% or 10%) is sufficient.

Always use in combination with a sun cream with at least a protection factor of 30!

Aqua, glycolic acid, sodium hydroxide, hydroxyethyl cellulose, DMDM hydantoin.

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