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Juchheim SOS Lifting Pen 3ml

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The SOS Lifting Pen lives up to its name! It is an innovative cosmetic with an immediate lifting effect.
With daily use, the SOS Lifting pen also gives a lasting effect. Simply run the pen along annoying wrinkles and admire the result. Unlike Dr. Juchheim, this cream is suitable for use over make-up. Ideal for in your handbag to immediately eliminate disturbing wrinkles and lines.

Do not come into contact with the eyes. If eye contact occurs under running water, flush the eye for 10 minutes. Protect from children. Keep cool and dry.

Sometimes you have to click often when using it for the first time… sometimes up to 20 times before applying cream to the brush.

Testing in the clinic is free of charge! We take a preliminary photo and then apply a thin layer of cream.

The first results are already visible from 30-60 minutes. We take a photo afterwards, or you take it at home. Send the photo to us, we will place it in a collage next to your front photo and send the collage back to you. You will be amazed at the difference!

This difference is of course temporary (on average 8 hours), but it shows that you react well to the cream and that a cure will lead to a better skin image.

Plant collagen combined with powerful plant extracts such as edelweiss, hibiscus and lotus flowers.

3 ml

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