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Juchheim ByeBye Cellulite

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ByeByeCellulite contains a combination of active, natural ingredients that act deeply on the skin. This will make the cellulite skin look smoother and tighter.

This highly active cream works in 6 steps:
1. Improve blood flow
2. Noticeable heat development
3. Visible improvement of the skin
4. Smoothes the skin
5. Strengthens the elasticity of the skin
6. Harmonize skin image

Apply the cream twice a day to a skin cleansed with tonic water. Tonic water from Dr. Juchheim is necessary to remove all parabens and greasy residues from the skin. This allows the cream to penetrate better and deeper into the skin and the cream works more effectively.

The short-lasting redness and warmth will disappear after about 5 days. Do not go out in the sun when the skin is still red and warm! If your skin reacts too strongly, use the ByeByeCellulite sensitive.

Testing is free! We take a preview of your problem zone. First, the skin is thoroughly cleansed with Juchheim's tonic water. Then a thin layer of cream is applied.

After a few minutes your skin will react: redness, heat, tingling.

Take a photo after 4 hours at home. Send this to your treated skin therapist. Your clinician will put it in a collage next to the front photo and send it back to you. You will be amazed at the difference! This difference is of course temporary (on average 8 hours), but it shows that you react well to the cream and that a cure will lead to a better skin image.

ByeByeCellulite treatment
Depending on the degree of cellulite, a cure lasts from 30 to 90 days.

The first effects will soon appear. The skin feels softer and the blood circulation improves. Sometimes the cellulite increases slightly in the beginning or after 4 to 6 weeks because moisture and waste products are removed from the cells, keep on lubricating!

When the desired result has been achieved, you can wind down and start maintenance. To maintain the result, lubrication 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient.

LPG Endermologie cure
To accelerate the result, make legs firmer, refine and sharpen contours, we recommend using ByeByeCellulite in combination with Treatments/to use.
A cure of LPG consists of 10 to 20 treatments that take place twice a week.

After the LPG cure, the ByeByeCellulite cure must be completed.

Active ingredients ByeByeCellulite
Tocopherol nicotinate (circulation), Caffeine (fat burning), Carnitine (fat metabolism), Fisetine (empties fat deposits).
Nettle, Mouse's Ear, Aloe Vera, Raspberry Ketones, Horse Chestnut, Indian Pennywort, Bladderwrack, Tea, CAmellia, Ivy, Calcium, Pantethine, Soybean Oil, Vitamin E and Sunflower.

The cream is free from Parabens, Silicones and Parafinne, contains no hormones and has not been tested on animals!

200 ml

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