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Juchheim 4 Minutes Lift

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The Dr. Juchheim 4 minutes lift is a day and night cream for face and neck. The cream is particularly suitable for preventing and reducing the symptoms of skin aging. After use, the structure of your skin is demonstrably improved within minutes. With regular use, the skin looks noticeably softer and smoother. Your skin is activated, strengthened and rejuvenated! Your fine lines will diminish, look more even and your pores will refine.

Apply the cream twice a day to a skin cleansed with tonic water. Tonic water from Dr. Juchheim is necessary to remove all parabens and greasy residues from the skin. This allows the cream to penetrate better and deeper into the skin and the cream works more effectively.

In addition to the 4 minutes lift cream, use a sun cream with at least an SPF 30, effective sun protection is essential against skin aging.

Testing in the clinic is free of charge! We take a preliminary photo, clean your skin with Juchheim's tonic water and then apply a thin layer of cream.

The first results are already visible from 30-60 minutes. We take a photo afterwards, or you take it at home. Send the photo to us, we will place it in a collage next to your front photo and send the collage back to you. You will be amazed at the difference!
This difference is of course temporary (on average 8 hours), but it shows that you react well to the cream and that a cure will lead to a better skin image.

The cream contains peptides, Ayurvedic plant extracts, guggel tree resin, plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid.

30 ml.

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