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Toskani Firming Gel

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The Firming gel is an elasticity-enhancing gel that prevents skin slackness. The gel is specially formulated to strengthen and firm the skin. The Firming gel is a fresh body gel that absorbs quickly. The gel contains firming properties that help hydration and elasticity. The Firming gel is a perfect match for a healthy diet and physical exercise.


Apply once daily before going to sleep.

Treat yourself before applying the cream with cupping, or come to our clinic for a professional treatment.

Complete your home treatment with our Toskani Body Peel off mask.


The gel contains:

Urea restores the water balance in the skin while the skin feels smooth and hydrated due to the natural hydration factor in the product.
Natural collagen and elastin provide elasticity and flexibility to the dermis.
Plant Tensor has very powerful firming and moisturizing properties.
200 ml.

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