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Toskani Body Peel Off Mask

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The Toskani Peel off mask is a slimming mask made with alginates. The purpose of the mask is to drain (remove moisture), to slim down, to calm down and to stimulate blood flow. After removing the mask you will experience the refreshing and soothing effect, this feeling lasts for some time.


Mix the mask with water, stir with a spoon or spatula until a paste forms. Apply the mask directly to the desired treatment location. The mask will dry into a rubber-like substance that you can remove from your skin after 20 minutes.

What Does an Effective Body Care Routine Look Like? The video below shows the use of the peel off mask in combination with a full home treatment.


First, prepare half of the package, apply the mask to the desired treatment location, then create the other half. The mask dries fairly quickly, so you can make optimal use of the mask.


The slimming body peel-off mask is made with a marine complex extracted from Laminaria alginates, giving the skin a smooth, natural texture. The slimming mask contains ingredients that remodel the silhouette and relieve the feeling of heaviness, such as Guarana, which has a powerful microcirculation-activating effect. It also contains horsetail extract, which has a powerful draining action, and rosemary leaves, which enhance its antioxidant, refreshing and emollient action to give the skin a soft, pleasant finish.

50 grams

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