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LPG Anti-Aging Hand & Lip Cream Endermologie

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Looking for a radiant and silky smooth skin? The Anti-aging hand & lip cream from LPG Endermologie not only protects, regenerates and moisturizes, but also ensures an even color and a silky soft feeling. As an added bonus, this cream is also very pleasant to use on your lips.

Action on the hands

  • Protects, repairs and moisturizes intensively
  • Smoothes lines and wrinkles
  • Corrects color imperfections

Action on the lips

  • Protects, repairs and moisturizes intensively
  • Corrects damaged lips while eliminating cracks
  • Gives more volume to the lips

Skin type
For every skin type, the cream softens and gives volume to the skin.

As often as desired, every time after washing your hands for optimal results.

If you are regularly on the road, order an extra tube for in your bag. Take an extra step to take good care of your hands, healthy skin has a strong barrier function against external influences.

Active ingredients
7% repair LPG® complex

40 ml

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