LPG Tensing Firming Cream

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LPG Tensing Firming Cream strengthens the sagging skin and has an immediate lifting effect. The skin is noticeably tighter after just 2 hours. In addition, the cream refines and softens the skin and fills in lines. Ideal for mature skin that tends to sag. Also helps set make-up.


  • Instant lifting effect
  • Strengthens facial contours
  • Anti wrinkle

Recommended use
Apply to cleansed skin and neck in the morning and evening after applying the LPG serum. 

7% Exclusive LPG® anti-aging Complex: hyaluronic acid + collagen and elastin boosting active ingredients.
4% Ovalift: a 100% natural skin-firming sugar extract from oats. Has an immediate lifting effect.
Paraben free. Phenoxyethanol free.

Rich, lightly scented, non-greasy emulsion.

50 ml

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