LPG Collagen Sheet Mask

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This mask is ideal for pampering your skin, it regenerates and soothes the skin. The sheet is infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid for a wonderful anti-aging treatment in your own home.

The bio-cellulose composition of the sheet is 100% natural and provides a unique “second skin” effect. The sheet offers an exceptional sealing effect for optimal absorption of the active ingredients.

The high-quality care of LPG provides immediate visible results.
Your skin immediately feels silky soft and looks plumper and smoother.

Skin type
This mask is suitable for all skin types, especially for combating skin aging.

Make sure your skin is well cleansed. Apply the mask to your face and neck. You can apply the remaining serum to your décolleté if necessary. Let the mask sit for 15 minutes, then remove the sheets from your neck and face and do not rinse your skin.

The sheet is richly soaked so that serum remains in the packaging, this is a shame to throw away! With these tips you don't waste anything.

  • Apply the remaining serum to the décolleté.

  • Keep this in the bag, or pour it into a sealable jar. Use the serum under your day or night care, now you will enjoy this beautiful mask even longer.


  • Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid for a tight skin.
  • Licorice extract to brighten the complexion.
  • 18% Synergy of anti-aging assets, brightening and anti-oxidant.
  • Without parabens, without phenoxyethanol

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